Proof of Stake & Delegated Proof of Stake

We are providing staking services for blockchain projects and helping our users to delegate staking power.

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We spend quite a lot of time doing our researches on each blockchain we decide to support. In order to join the staking ecosystem today you need to apply our team by the email, providing your intentions information.

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Proof of Stake

PoS system asserts that a person can mine or validate block transactions based on how many coins they hold. More coins a user owns, the higher profit will be. Minerall has a validator role - it's required to run hardware that is online 24/7 with 100% uptime score and for security features purposes.

Delegated Proof of Stake

DPoS is a consensus algorithm that works as a digital democratic system. It combines real-time voting by system based on reputation in order to reach consensus across the blockchain. Each user can vote and user voting value is determined by the number of owned coins. Minerall delegates votes provided by coin holders. We ensure that nodes are always online to validate transactions in time.