Minerall Guild

Minerall Team are proud to become the NEAR Protocols’ first Custom Development Guild servicing the NEAR Ecosystem!

NEAR Guilds

Guilds are community vehicles in the NEAR ecosystem to support the development of the core protocol and projects across the geographies and industries.

Entrepreneurs and development teams who are looking for additional support and any project who wants to get started in the NEAR Ecosystem - can do this now beacuse such projects have a reliable and consistent place for their technical needs.

Minerall Guild offers rapid development of distributed ledger technologies of varying complexity:

  • dApps

  • DeFi products and Integrations

  • NFT Marketplaces

  • Mining Software

  • NEAR Integrated Wallets

  • Custom Solutions depends on Customer Individual Needs

Interested projects or teams are offered a programming languages package that you can select for your solutions:

  • Rust

  • Typescript

  • JavaScript

  • Solidity

  • Node.js

  • Golang

Our benefit is the services scope that our team is ready to provide across the NEAR Ecosystem, building Dapps on Aurora, native Dapps on NEAR, App-chains for Octopus Network or NFT Marketplaces for Mintbase and Paras – Minerall Guild is the juggernaut for serious technical development in the NEAR Ecosystem.

How to Start

RequirementsProduct Development ScheduleProduct Delivery

Get in touch with us today to establish a timeline for services delivery that you are looking for.