Partnership with Minerall

Our pool has partners around the globe. We are sharing the programs list that are fully compatible with our system to make your mining easier.

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  • Mining Hotel
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Mining Marketplace
  • Mining OS
  • Decentralised Networks
  • Near

    NEAR is an open source platform that accelerates the decentralized applications development. NEAR’s token economy is built around the NEAR token, a platform value unit enables token holders to use applications on NEAR, participate in network governance and earn token rewards by staking to the network.
  • Nicehash

    The world’s largest crypto-mining marketplace based on the concept of a sharing economy by connecting sellers and buyers of computing power.
  • Exmo

    One of the world’s largest global exchanges by volume and liquidity. There are 1.5 mln users, thousands of thousands of active traders, 315.000 daily visitors, 87 trading pairs and 6 fiat currencies on the platform.
  • CEX

    A multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange that offers cross-platform trading via website, mobile app, WebSocket and REST API, providing access to high liquidity orderbook for top currency pairs on the market.
  • Fibre Centre

    Fibre Centre is uniquely positioned to deliver long term, sustainable, cost effective Crypto, Blockchain and AI based infrastructure operations. Fibre Centre essentially offers Mining as a Service.
  • Mining Rig Rentals

    The faster, smarter, more powerful way to rent or lease crypto currency mining rigs. It fits you whether you're new and want to try mining before you buy your first equipment or you're mining expert who are looking for more hashes at a coin launch.
  • PerfectMine

    A crypto mining operating system that was anticipated by the entire mining community. It can give you the computering power to mine multiple coins at the same time on the same rig and even multiple coins on the same component. The platform is always there to help.
  • MinerBabe

    A professional GPU mining OS that has been run on more than 30.000 rigs. It is easy to use, stable, feature-rich and free. MinerBabe is based on Linux and supports many cryptocurrency coins.

Become a Partner

Partner Program was created for those who want make the mining economic better. If you are considering to be one of them - reach us, let's discuss how we can do it together.

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