What is Minerall.io?

Minerall.io is a multicoin mining pool for Ethereum, Ethereum-Classic. We support mining on either GPUs and ASICs.

What is a pool fee?

Our fee is 2%.

Should I sign up to mine on your pool?

Registered users can mine two coins simultaneously (dual mining). If you want to mine only one coin (Ethereum or Ethereum-Classic) you can mine as anonymous user (without registration).

How can I join your pool?

  1. Sign up.
  2. Choose a coin that you want to mine and add our pool info to your mining software settings.
  3. Pools settings:
    • Ethereum:
      • eu1.minerall.io:3401 - Europe1 port
      • eu2.minerall.io:3401 - Europe2 port
      • asia1.minerall.io:8888 - Asia1 port
    • Ethereum Classic:
      • eu1.minerall.io:3404 - Europe1 port
      • eu2.minerall.io:3404 - Europe2 port
      • asia1.minerall.io:8808 - Asia1 port

For more detailed information follow Miners Config page.

Can I mine with NiceHash or use other cloud mining capacity?

You can use either your own rigs, buy hashing power from NiceHash or any other cloud mining services.

What coins can I mine with Minerall.io?

We are currently working with the following coins: Ethereum, Ethereum-Classic.

What are your pool advantages?

  • Modern infrastructure.
  • Daily payouts.
  • An up-to-date protocol that is fully compatible with NiceHash.
  • Low Uncle rate.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Advanced wallet protection. In accordance with independent tests randomly made by users, our pool shows up to 15% profit for ETH mining than any other pool on the market (in general). You can get acquainted with the test results here.

What is the difference between anonymous and registered mining?

Registered users have more flexible auto-withdrawal settings, more detailed statistics etc. You can get more info about accounts’ difference in our blog post here.

How can I get the ETС-wallet?

Create an account on an exchange which supports Ethereum-Classic.

I want to mine ETС with ASIC-miners. How can I do this?

Please follow our guide How to start mining.

Can I receive rewards on an exchange wallet?

Yes, you can. Sign up and create exchange wallet at one of the ETC exchanges.

How can I mine ETС without registration at your pool?

To mine as anonymous user, please do the following steps:

  1. Go to Minerall.io and select ETСHASH in the algorithms list.
  2. Use the following parameters in your miner settings:
    • Ethereum-Classic - Asia1 - asia1.minerall.io:8808
    • Ethereum-Classic - Europe1 - eu1.minerall.io:3404
    • Ethereum-Classic - Europe2 - eu2.minerall.io:3404

I mine as anonymous user. How can I check my statistics?

In order to check your statistics go to Wallets and enter your ETС wallet in search field.

My rig console statistics is higher than on the pool. Why?

We don’t display the reported hashrate but we shows hashes that we accept and process from your workers.

That's why your mining software statistics can be higher (it shows your general hashrate) than at Minerall.io

I earned ETC rewards under my balance. How can I withdraw it?

Payments are calculated at 00:00 UTC for anonymous users who reached their minimum payout and are eligible to receive payment (user has verified ETC wallet). The minimum amount for payout is 0.1 ETC.

Every day at 00:00 UTC our system sends payments to those users who have 0.1 ETC or more on their balances.

Registered users can withdraw their rewards by using such options as:

  • Make a withdrawal request.
  • Configure wallet auto-withdrawal. The amount should be higher or equal to 0.1 ETC).

How much can I earn with my hashrate?

In order to estimate your possible mining profit use Whattomine.com.

I mine as an anonymous user. Now I want to sign up and mine as registered user. Can you transfer my previous statistics to my new one account?

Unfortunately, we can’t do that due to blockchain limitations. You can withdraw your rewards from your anonymous account and continue mining with your registered account.

I started mining on your pool but I cant see any statistics in my account. What should I do?

Our statistics updates hourly. If you dont see statistics at the end of an hour, please, stop your rigs and contact our support team.

I want to mine coins which are not listed at Minerall.io. What should I do to get pools to these coins?

All coins are added on the community member voting. We can add a pool for almost any mineable coin if only a user has more than 0.5% capacity of general network hashrate for selected coin.

What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?

Ethereum - 0.1 ETH

Ethereum Classic - 0.1 ETC

What is your withdrawal fee?

Our withdrawal fee is 0 for most mineable coins and it depends on the actual market situation. Contact our support team for up-to-date information about withdrawal fee for selected coin.

What is Network type when creating the wallet?

You can withdraw your ETH to the ETH network (native type) or you can configure the ETH withdrawal to the NEAR network and get wETH.

I haven’t got my reward. I have enough under my balance for minimum payout. What should I do?

Payments are calculated at 00:00 UTC for miners who meet their minimum payout amount and are eligible to receive payment (have a verified wallet). Please, contact our support team share your wallet or account on the issue. Your payment may have been sent but the blockchain is still processing it.

I withdrew my rewards on a wrong wallet. How can I get my reward back?

Unfortunately, due to blockchain limitations, we can’t help you. Please, double check your mining and withdrawal settings.

I used the wrong wallet while mining anonymously and my reward was sent to it. Can I get it back?

We can’t either get your reward back or resend it. Please, double-check all your mining and payment settings. If you mine as a registered user, please use your UserName in the same way as it is in your profile settings (UserName is case sensitive).

I have signed up on your pool. How can I set up an auto-withdrawal?

To set up an auto-withdrawal, please do the following:

  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Go to the Wallets section.
  3. When you create a wallet, an auto-withdrawal is automatically created (if it wasn’t created earlier for a specific coin).
  4. To change or delete your auto-withdrawal, go to Wallets-Withdrawals.

My rig has stopped right before a new block was founded. Will I get my reward?

Minerall.io is a PPLNS mining pool. Thus, our pool distributes the block reward according to the shares quantity you have sent to us.